Microbiology Laboratory

The Microbiology Laboratory is established for IBG to conduct Microbiology tests on their in-house products. These tests include Total Plate Count (TPC) Analysis, Gram Staining, Biochemical Analysis and DNA Identification. The main purpose of these tests is to ensure that sufficient amount of the correct microorganisms are present in our products for effective application. In addition, our laboratory is complied under MS ISO/IEC 17025.

IBG的微生物实验室的设立是为了对产品进行微生物学测试。这些测试包括总细菌计数(TPC)分析、生物化学分析和DNA鉴定。这些测试的主要目的是确保我们的产品中拥有足够的微生物以有效应用。我们的微生物实验室也获得了MS ISO/IEC 17025 的认证。

R&D Laboratory

R&D Laboratory or also known as the Culture Laboratory is mainly responsible for all related Research & Development tasks that include the isolation of beneficial soil bacteria, development and optimization of fermentation process and also the optimization of the functional properties of the microorganisms.

New potential microorganisms are isolated from soil and tested for the biofertilizer functional purposes in order to ascertain its suitability to be incorporated into our current product. This research enables IBG to continuously improve their current range of products to better suit their various range of clientele.



Chemical Laboratory

The Chemical Laboratory caters a wider scope of analysis with the latest of laboratory equipments; covering elements such as Boron, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Available Phosphate and Organic Matter. The chemical tests would be mostly covering soil and foliar samples in order to quantify the chemical composition for both type of samples. In addition, our laboratory is complied under MS ISO/IEC 17025.

化学实验室采用最新的实验室设备以进行更广泛的分析; 覆盖元素如硼、镁、铜、氮、磷、可用磷酸盐和有机质。化学测试主要涵盖土壤和叶面样本,以定量这两种样本的化学型态。我们的化学实验室一样获得了MS ISO/IEC 17025 的认证。

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