IBG Oil Palm Bio Fertilizer

4 Great Effects

  • Protects root system for secondary development
  • Increase inflorescence rate of female to male ratio, increase fruit bunch quantity
  • Increase soil organic matter
  • Increase nutrient uptake efficiency

IBG Oil Palm Bio-Fertilizer could be integrated with chemical fertilizer interval at appropriate ratio to gain a better result.

IBG Bio Fertilizer (Oil Palm) Application Method

Year(s)IBG dosage/palm (ml)Palms covered/CKS (16 liters)Dosage (ml)/CKS (16 liters)Spray volume/palm (liter)
1 – 220326400.5
3 and above25164001.0

IBG Durian Bio Fertilizer

Remarkable Effects

  • Increase flowering and fruit formation rate.
  • Improve soil organic matter, soil aeration, soil pH, and soil moisture.
  • Increase grade A fruit.
  • Reduce Phytophthora spp. disease.
  • Reduce unripe fruits.

IBG Paddy Bio Fertilizer

4 Great Effects

  • Protect root for continuous development
  • Produce husk that is full of rice, increase weight per 1000 grains
  • Improve soil pH, increase organic matter
  • Controls the height of plant to avoid collapse

For 120 days mature

IBG Bio Fertilizer (Paddy) Application Method

Day(s)IBG dosage/ha (ml)CKS required

For 90 days mature

IBG Bio Fertilizer (Paddy) Application Method

Day(s)IBG dosage/ha (ml)CKS required

IBG Fruit and Vege Bio Fertilizer

Remarkable Effects

  • Increase the inflorescence rate and yield
  • Better quality and greater quality of fruits
  • Improve the root development
  • Higher resistance to diseases

*Note: The different effects of IBG Bio Fertilizer on different crops are highly subjective to field, and weather condition, and management.

Type of fruits

1Dokong, duku and duku langsat
  • Greater fruit bunches
  • Longer and denser fruit bunches
  • New shoots are about 35% longer compare to using conventional fertilizer
  • To prevent and eliminate scabs on the skin of trees within 45 days after application
2Mango/ Orange/ Lime/ Lemon/ Pomelo/ Star Fruit
  • Reduce the rotting skin of fruits, and yellowing of leaves
  • Increase the Grad-A fruits quantity
  • Bigger and sweeter fruits
  • Flowering and fruit formation happen in stages
3Rose-apple / Guava
  • Flowering and fruit formation happen continuously in stages
  • Better fruit complexion and higher yield
  • Flourishing leaves
  • Brilliance and blooming flower
  • Increase the fruit’s quality and size
  • Sweeter and bigger fruit
  • Higher resistance towards the weather changes (such as prolong draught season) and disease
6 Pepper
  • Longer bunch
  • Prevent attacks of root rot disease caused by pathogen
7Tea Leaves
  • Increment of leaflet and flourish leaf
  • Enchance the root development and increase the absorption rate of roots
  • Increase amount of A_Graded corns
  • Increase the formation of gains and kernels in the corncob
9Tomato / Red pepper
  • Healthier, stronger and wider root system
  • Better quality of fruits
10Long bean /French bean/ Cucumber/ Bitter Gourd
  • Longer harvesting period
  • Even and definite shape of fruits
  • Complete and nice complexion
  • Reduce the rotting rate of fruits
11Cabbage/ Vegetables/ tobacco
  • Waxy leaves surface
  • Bigger and wider leaves
  • Fuller and thicker leaves
12Sugar cane
  • Increase the length of segment, thicker stem
  • Increase the sweetness level
13Water Melon/ Honey Dew/ Pumpkin/ White Gourd
  • Increase fruiting rate
  • Reduce the rotting rate of the fruits
  • Thicker and fuller formation
14Rambutan/ Pulasan
  • Sweet and full fresh
  • Reduce empty fruits formation
  • Stronger branches
  • Increrase blooming and fruit formation rate
  • Produce bigger cocoa pods
16Banana/ Nangka/ Cocoa
  • Produce bigger fruit
  • Increase the sweetness level
  • Higher yield and better quality fruit

IBG Rubber Bio Fertilizer

4 Great Effects

  • Prevent and cure the Phytophthora disease
  • Increase the thickness/concentration of the rubber milk
  • Form a strong root system for avoiding the root diseases
  • Softer and easier for tapping after 30-45 days of application


IBG Bio Fertilizer (Rubber) Application Method

Year(s)IBG dosage/palm (ml)Trees covered (CKS 16 liters)Dosage (ml)/CKS (16 liters)Spray volume/tree (ml)
5 and above11.045495355.56

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